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The translucent parcels are first packed with salad greens, a slither of meat or seafood and a layer of coriander, before being neatly rolled and dunked in Vietnam's favorite condiment -- fish sauce. Central Vietnam's take on noodles caters to carnivores with its meaty broth and piles of beef and pork. The thick slippery rice noodles also make for a heartier meal than noodles found in the north and south. Best cities for street food -- Ho Chi Minh City and 22 others. This dainty variation of a Vietnamese pancake has all the same tasty ingredients but is a fraction of the size. Each banh knot can be scoffed in one ambitious but satisfying mouthful.

The crunchy outside is made using coconut milk and the filling usually consists of shrimp, mung beans, and spring onions with a dusting of dried shrimp flakes on top. Got the sniffles? Opt for ga tan, a broth that's Vietnam's answer to the proverbial cup of chicken noodle soup. Sure it's not quite how your mother used to make it, with its greenish tinge from the herbs and hunks of chicken parts, but it's worth a try if you're needing a Vietnamese tonic.

Vietnam's banana flower salad packs a much bigger punch than a typical plate of mixed greens. Banana flowers thick purple lumps that will later turn into bunches of bananas are peeled and thinly sliced then mixed with green papaya, carrots, and cilantro along with chicken and a heavy-handed pour of a salty fish sauce dressing and crunchy peanuts. This bowl of noodles comes sans broth, keeping the ingredients from becoming sodden and the various textures intact.

The tender slices of beef mingle with crunchy peanuts and bean sprouts, and are flavored with fresh herbs, crisp dried shallots, and a splash of fish sauce and fiery chili pepper. This chunky blend of fresh tropical fruit in a cup is the perfect local treat when the heat of Vietnamese summer starts to wear you down. It could be considered a healthy alternative to ice cream -- if you stick to the shaved ice variation -- but for the full experience it's best had with diabetes-inducing condensed milk mixed in.


Pho cuon packages the flavors of pho and goi cuon in one neat little parcel. This Hanoi take on fresh spring rolls uses sheets of uncut pho noodles to encase fried beef, herbs and lettuce or cucumber. KFC may be everywhere in Vietnam these days, but skip the fast food for the local version. Honey marinated then grilled over large flaming barbecues, the chicken legs, wings and feet served are unusually tender, while the skin stays crispy but not dry. Pho xao may just be a slightly healthier take on my xao -- but the beauty is in the details. The flat, smoother pho noodle doesn't crisp up like its pre-boiled instant cousin.

When done well the outer edges acquire a browned crunchiness, whilst the center stays soft and glutinous. This dish tastes best with a fried egg and seasoned with chili or soy sauce. How to photograph Hanoi like the city's Instagram stars do. Vietnamese "egg coffee" is technically a drink but we prefer to put it in the dessert category. The creamy soft, meringue-like egg white foam perched on the dense Vietnamese coffee will have even those who don't normally crave a cup of joe licking their spoons with delight. In Hanoi, follow the tiny alley between the kitschy souvenir shops at 11 Hang Gai into the clearing, and up several flights of increasingly dicey stairs to pair your ca phe trung with an unbeatable view of Hoan Kiem Lake.

How Northern Vietnamese Cuisine Differs From Southern

Vietnamese are masters of wrapping their food. Bo la lot is neither raw nor deep-fried, but flamed on an open grill to soften the exterior and infuse the betel leaf's peppery aroma into the ground beef inside. Savory sticky rice is less of an accompaniment to meals in Vietnam, more a meal itself. The glutinous staple comes with any number of mix-ins from slithers of chicken, or pork to fried or preserved eggs , but almost always with a scattering of dried shallots on top.

These rolled up rice flour pancakes are best when served piping hot, still soft and delicate. Although seemingly slender and empty they have a savory filling of minced pork and mushrooms. Zest is also added by dunking the slippery parcels in a fishy dipping sauce. Eggplant alone tends not to get us excited. Although when it's diced and sauteed in a clay pot along with tomatoes, soy sauce, sugar, and depending on the recipe minced meat, the once bland vegetable redeems itself.

Saigon's favorite streetside snack, bot chien, is popular with both the afterschool and the after-midnight crowd. Chunks of rice flour dough are fried in a large wok until crispy and then an egg is broken into the mix. Once cooked it's served with slices of papaya, shallots and green onions, before more flavor is added with pickled chili sauce and rice vinegar.

This plain-looking tofu and noodle dish is served with mam tom sauce -- the Vegemite of Vietnam. The pungent purple dipping sauce is used to flavor the slabs of deep-fried tofu that are at the core of the meal. These pockets of deep-fried goodness are often described as the equivalent of a Cornish pasty or as a Vietnamese samosa, depending on the nationality of the person explaining.

Inside the crispy exterior you'll find that it's similar to neither description, with its filling of finely minced pork, mushrooms and vermicelli noodles. See Hanoi through the eyes of a local, for free. This simple meal is the Saigonese equivalent of bun cha -- with rice in place of noodles. A tender pork cutlet is barbecued over hot coals to give it a rich, smoky flavor, and laid over the fluffy white "com" or broken rice. With its thick and creamy texture Vietnam's rice porridge is the best pick when your queasy stomach can't handle much else.

MPHONLINE | Vietnamese Favourites (Periplus Mini Cookbooks)

If you want to jazz it up you can always add slices of chicken, fish, beef, duck or pork ribs, along with a sprinkling of herbs and shallots. Cubes of beef are tossed around a steaming wok with garlic, pepper, and some vegetables to make shaking beef. There's nothing special about the beef that makes it shaking.

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The name is just a literal translation that refers to the process of mixing the beef around while cooking. The smell of chestnuts roasting on an open fire can bring back fond memories of Christmas carols -- until a moped transporting a giant blow-up Santa whizzes by. Pick the street vendor with the most enticing smell. It's all about the marinade when it comes to the grilled pork in fresh rice paper rolls that are popular in Central Vietnam. The typical mixture coats the meat in a blend of sugar, salt, chili, lemongrass and fish sauce.

Cilantro, basil and mint are added when it's served up to add some green to the appetizer. Pho might be Vietnam's most famous dish but bun cha is the top choice when it comes to lunchtime in the capital.

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Just look for the clouds of meaty smoke after 11 a. Once they're charred and crispy the morsels are served with a large bowl of a fish sauce-heavy broth, a basket of herbs and a helping of rice noodles. The French may have brought with them the baguette, but Vietnam takes it to a different level. A classic Vietnamese dish is Pho pronounced "fuh".

Chef Rhonda shows you how to prepare this broth based soup that ends with spicy basil chicken in a rich brown sauce over rice. It is a classic Vietnamese dish that you will easily be able to recreate in your own kitchen after Chef Rhonda introduces you to the techniques that make it easier than you think! You will also learn how to prepare shrimp spring rolls in classic Vietnamese fashion, that will be so beautiful, they may even look too good to eat! Your night in Vietnam, made easy and fun, is ready for you.

Guests are welcome to bring wine and beer to enjoy during the class. Cozymeal guest reviews for other experiences with Chef Rhonda. I booked a cooking experience for my sister for a gift and she said Chef Rhonda was awesome! They had a great time cooking and a delicious meal. She said she would definitely contact Rhonda for future events or catering if the opportunity came up. Thanks Rhonda! Chef Rhonda brought us a full flavored and quick recipes to prepare. Her passion for food and teaching it is contagious and make easier to learn to any level.

I was delighted with an extraordinary menu and traveled through the flavors of Spain with her Apple and Manchego tapas on grilled bread, had some of France with a Classic French Mussels, Asia with the Easy Beef Pho and Italy with the classic Spaghetti alla Carbonara. All of them were delicious. You will enjoy her classes and food. Highly recommend. Guest reviews for Chef Rhonda. My husband and I would highly recommend Rhonda as a Chef for your party or family meals. Rhonda has created delicious meals for both small and large gatherings at our home.

Each menu was thoughtfully created with our input; the quality and presentation surpassed our expectations. Rhonda is delightful to have in your kitchen, extremely professional and lots of fun.

NEXT STEP: See Saigon's Best Cheap Eats

Kids can be picky and mine are no exception. However, when you have four with different likes and don't likes it makes dinner a nightmare. Combine a very busy schedule and a commute and you have the recipe for every night being a McDonalds night. Chef Rhonda has been everything I could hope for.

The kids are eating this weird thing called a vegetable now. I even feel more energized during my busy day because I'm eating much cleaner. The food is great! We thank Chef Rhonda for all she has done for us. Get a Cozymeal Gift Card. Traveling chef. Chef Rhonda is a personal chef and caterer who has taken her culinary expertise to the classroom. She helped to develop one of the first farm to table school lunch programs in America and now lends her time to a non-profit organization, Junior Chefs of America, teaching kids how to cook. Chef Rhonda loves creating beautiful dishes that are experimental and tasty.

She looks forward to showing you how food makes people happy! View all of Chef Rhonda's Experiences. Chef Rhonda will travel to guests within Tampa for this experience. Sign up for exclusive offerings and food inspiration sent straight to your inbox. Chicago Office: W. Dallas Office: N. Fort Lauderdale Office: E.

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